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A massive thank you to Claire Hardy and Catherine Hotchin for making this possible - there is no way they are being beaten by lockdown!

There is an opportunity to buy your child a leavers hoodie!!


They are red hoodie tops that will have all the children’s names printed on the back in the number 20.


If you would like to place an order, please order online at www.sthughspta.org/product-page/leavers-hoodie-2020


When you have placed and paid for your hoodie, you should receive an email back as receipt. This is confirmation that your order has been placed. It CANNOT be changed after this so please think carefully about the size you want to order.


Please then e-mail claireehardy@virginmedia.com with your child’s name (the way you would like it spelt on the hoodie), size of hoodie ordered and class. This way we have a reference of who has ordered what, without having to contact school.


As Catherine and Claire cannot get into school, and staff are extremely busy at this time, we will not be able to chase them on a daily basis for confirmations so please treat your email receipt as your confirmation and send all queries or questions to our emails.

Closing date for orders is 30th April 2020

Due to the way the printing of the hoodies works and the backlog of other schools due to COVID19, NO LATE ORDERS CAN BE ADDED as they are printed in bulk, so be sure to get yours in!


If the children are back in school (we are keeping everything crossed that they are) the hoodies will be handed out on the last week of term. If not, we will arrange either a distribution service or a collection point for you all.


Any questions please email : cabburke@hotmail.com  or claireehardy@virginmedia.com



Leavers Hoodies email after purchase example.

PLEASE send as aoon as you have placed your order – Thank you


Child’s Name and surname: Florrie Hardy (as you want it to appear on the hoodie)


Class: 6C


Size : 12/13


Age 9/11 32” chest, 12/13 34” chest = £16

Adult size S 36” chest, M 40” chest or L 44” chest = £17.50

From experience last year, sizes are quite small.

Most popular size was 12/13 or Adult S

Age 9/12 does not have drawstring toggles (this upset a few last year I believe)


Don't forget to register as a member of the CO-OP to earn money while you shop for St Hugh's PTA!

It really is that simple - just register, pick us as your charity and show your membership card whenever you shop.  You get cash rewards yourself and you raise loads of money for the School. 


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