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The exciting time has arrived to order your child a leavers’ hoodie as a memento of their time at St Hugh’s! 


They are red hoodies that will have all the year 6 children’s names printed on the back in the number 22.


If you would like to place an order, please order online at https://www.sthughspta.org/product-page/leavers-hoodie-2022


When you have placed your order and paid for your hoodie, you should receive an email back as receipt. This is confirmation that your order has been placed. It CANNOT be changed after this so please think carefully about the size you want to order. Last year the most popular size was ‘small adult’.

Please then forward YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT with your child’s name (the way you would like it spelt on the hoodie ie. Izzy rather than Isabella), size of hoodie ordered and class to myself at cabburke@hotmail.com  This way we have a reference of people’s orders. 

Please treat your email receipt as your confirmation and send all queries or questions to my email address.


Closing date for orders is 30th April 2022.

Due to the printing process, NO LATE ORDERS CAN BE ADDED as they are printed in bulk, so be sure to get yours in! 


Any questions please email me at : cabburke@hotmail.com  


Thanks, Catherine Hotchin



Leavers Hoodies email after purchase example. 

PLEASE send as aoon as you have placed your order – Thank you 


Child’s Name and surname: Florrie Hardy (as you want it to appear on the hoodie)


Class: 6J


Size : 12/13


Age 9/11 32” chest, 12/13 34” chest = £18

Adult size S 36” chest, M 40” chest or L 44” chest = £19.50

Most popular sizes are 12/13 or Adult S

Age 9/12 does not have drawstring toggles