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Returns, Refunds and Incorrect Sizes


To return any Uniform Shop purchase, - please follow these instructions.

Failure to comply MAY result in your return and subsequent refund from being processed promptly.

  • ​On a piece of paper provide the following information

    • Name / Childs Name​

    • Class

    • Original Order Number (on your email confirmation)

  • Place the items to be returned AND the piece of paper in a bag and seal it.

  • Write on the outside of the bag "UNIFORM RETURN"

  • Send the bag to the school office (get your child to hand in if you can't get to school)

  • The Uniform Shop will not accept any loose items without paperwork

  • Returns are picked up and dealt with once a week

  • Any refund due will be paid back through the original payment method (card or paypal)

Incorrect Sizes / Swaps

If you find that the size of a garment is incorrect, then you have the following options :

  • Send the incorrect item back as a RETURN (see above)
    Re-order a NEW item from the ONLINE Shop
    Await return to be processed to receive your REFUND for the original item

  • Send the incorrect item back as a RETURN (see above)
    On the piece of paper included in the package, state clearly that :

    • you require a SWAP

    • the NEW size that you would like

Size swaps can only be actioned for the same garment type.

Additional charges or refunds may become due if the size swap would involve an item with a higher/lower price point to the original. 


Online Orders will be refunded by the original payment method (Paypal, Debit/Credit Card)

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