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Welcome !

Our fabulous Class Reps are a vital function of the PTA.


They act in the following roles

  • Serving as a valuable communication link between Parents and the PTA

  • Motivating and engaging parents to get involved with PTA fundraising events

  • Organising class social events (with and without children !)

  • Helping build social bonds across the parent community

  • Organising christmas and end-of-year gifts for Teachers and Assistants

Being a class rep is a great opportunity to get involved in some of the fabulous events and fundraising that goes on throughout the school year and is a very worthwhile and fulfilling role.

Class Reps 2023-24

Nursery and Reception

Nursery AM - Mrs Halsey

Nicki Werner/Orla Wood

Nursery PM - Mrs Halsey

Helen Dolan


1F - Mrs Fisher

Louise Adams/Helen Wilton


1H - Miss Hanley

Helen Hallam/Ruth Watson and Orla Wood


1W - Miss Whelan

Emma Glover

2H - Mrs Haughton

Nick Humphreys


2P - Mrs Parr

Emily Heywood/Niki Werner

2S - Miss Sheridan

Joanne Rowe/ Lisa Clarke

Lower Juniors

4BW  -Miss Brown/Miss Wright

Helen Dolan


4P - Mrs Pearson

Claire Hulme /Vanessa Humphrey (fox)


4T - Miss Taylor

Majorie Murphy/Catherine Hotchin

Upper Juniors

5G - Mr Gallager

Sinead Higgin

5T - Mr Todd


5TU - Miss Tuite

Claire Court/Shelly Gosling

6C - Mrs Capey

Helen Dolan


6G - Mr Gilby

Sam Simpson/Trish Paisley


6J - Mrs Jones

Sarah Mcllroy

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